June 8, 2018 Update on Members MEPAs' activities

During yesterday's INTERMEPA Steering Committee Meeting in Athens, the representatives of MEPAs presented a brief report on their activities over the past biennium, which were included in the Agenda and are as follows (in alphabetical order):


  • Maritime Emission Portal activities
  • Broadening its Membership drive
  • Attended conferences & presented MEP
  • Google Impact Challenge Finalist and Workshops
  • Published 'Junior Ranger Guidebook' for Indigenous Rangers. A 60page book, with activities for a Junior Ranger group
  • Hosted AMSA/HELMEPA Meeting in Canberra
  • World Ocean Day contest
  • 'We are Ports' Year 9 Geography Australia wide contest. 13 ports sponsored, with 20 high schools that participated. Approx 800 students submitted projects
  • New website - new arts n craft section; new Primary posters and activities for teachers; new MEP section;
  • New pay online system & accounting software set up


(1) Training

CYMEPA in co-operation with the Department of Merchant Shipping organized on the seminar "MRV Vs IMO SCHEME & 2020 GLOBAL 0.5% SULPHUR CAP CHALLENGE". A new Seminar on TMSA 3 is scheduled for June 13th 2018.

(2) Newsletter

The 9th and 10th issues of the electronic newsletter to Seafarers has been circulated with the collaboration of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber.

(3) Cyprus Shipping Chamber

  • CYMEPA heads the CSC Educational Activities Working Group and runs the "Adopt-a-Ship" campaign. Primary schools participation increased (66 to 80) and 11 companies kindly offered ships.
  • Organized seminars and visits at and to the premises of Interorient and Bernhard Schulte bring children closer to the maritime industry.
  • The "Adopt-A-Ship" campaign was presented to the Innovative and Sustainable Mobility Director of EC's Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport and a purposely made short video on the campaign to ECSA (European Community Shipowners Associations) at their premises.
  • On the occasion of Maritime Cyprus 2017, the Secretary General of IMO Mr Kitack Lim together with EU Transport Commissioner Ms Violeta Bulc visited an Elementary School to learn more about the "Adopt a Ship" campaign from young students and their teachers. He stated that "the inspirational initiative connects young people to the shipping world in a really tangible way, improving their knowledge and firing their imagination. I really think this is a wonderful scheme and all those involved in it deserve great credit".


The main sections of the "Maritime Training Centre for Pollution Prevention, Safety at Sea and Environmental Awareness" the association operates are:

(1) Maritime Section

In the last two years it has offered to officers and land-based staff annual Voluntary Refresher Training Programs. The programs are classroom seminars and IMO required training in HELMEPA's Full Mission Bridge Simulator.

(2) Environmental Awareness Section

As the national coordinator of International Coastal Cleanup Campaign and Let's Cleanup Europe Campaign, HELMEPA carried out land, beach and underwater cleanups with the participation of volunteers. The "HELMEPA Junior" Program is a schoolchildren plan of activities executed throughout Greece during the last 25 years. Summer campaign posters emphasize plastic pollution.


  • Updates on NAMEPA's educational material. These materials are available to all MEPAs to download at their discretion. We could also make arrangements for a MEPA to add its logo to these materials
  • Introduction of NAMEPA's new CBT on marine environment awareness (in partnership with LISCR and ProSea) for mariners and shoreside staff
  • Introduction of NAMEPA's CSR program for the marine industry
  • Discussion of our work in Canada and the Caribbean
  • 2018 North American World Maritime Day Observance
  • Consortium for International Maritime Heritage, of which NAMEPA is a Founder


The activities in order to protect South/western coastal areas of the country continued in 2016 and 2017 with full speed.

We collected almost 2.5 million liters of liquid waste from visiting boats in the region and transact their blue cards in order to inform Port Registratin Office's and several State Bodies. Our sea sweeper has collected 90 tons of solid waste from the surface of Bosphorus also. Both solid and liquid waste has been dumped to official purification systems each day.

All these activities are being done in major areas such as Göcek, Marmaris, Hisarönü, Orhaniye and Çeşme.

In order to provide awareness to the general public, educational meetings has been arranged 50 times within 2016 and 2017. Via these studies 65,000 people from the all walks of society, both young and aged, male and female, students and professionals received these training programs on a Professional wise in almost every part of country.

Turmepa also cooperated with private sector institutions to keep the seas clean and enlisted more than 1,000 actively working volunteers from several companies. These human force has helped Turmepa to handle their Clean Up the Med and International Coastal Clean Up activities regularly. In one year private sector volunteers has collected approximately 4.5 ton of solid waste in our coastal regions. We ensured that this type of joint cooperations has increased the awareness and sensitivity of the general public.

Turmepa enlisted 6,700 constant volunteers throughout the country.

Regular seminars have been arranged throughout the country regarding the formation of enviroment protection to the employees of several sizeble private sector institutions.

(f) UKRMEPA and URUMEPA did not send reports on their activities.