Environmental Sector

In order to promote the cooperation between children members of the Junior Sectors of MEPAs, the Steering Committee decided that the Secretariat of INTERMEPA operates an Environmental Sector under which uniform public awareness campaigns will be coordinated.

An INTERMEPA Children's Drawing Competition was implemented for the first time in 2007 with the participation of children-members of the junior sectors of CYMEPA, HELMEPA and TURMEPA. Three drawings, one from every MEPA, were selected as best and became a joint INTERMEPA poster that was widely disseminated in all three countries.

The Awards Ceremony took place on 14 December 2007 at the Metropolitan Hotel in Athens. Special personal awards were presented to the winners, children and their volunteer teachers. The Awards were handed out by the Vice Chairperson of the European Parliament Mrs. Rodi Kratsas, the Australian Ambassador to Greece Mr. Paul Tighe as well as the Chairmen of the three MEPAs, George Tsavliris, Nick Pappadakis and Esref Cerrahoglu, respectively. 

Mrs Kratsas addressing the children, expressed to them the appreciation of the representatives of the peoples of Europe at the European Parliament and urged them to continue their efforts with the same fervor with the hope that the adults community will get the best example.  All other speakers thanked the children and praised their volunteer teachers for their contribution to the rest of the society.

Based on the success of the first Drawing Contest, INTERMEPA implemented its second Children's Drawing Contest under the title "Let's change habits, not the climate". For more information visit our news room.