By becoming a member of INTERMEPA, any national Marine Environment Protection Association is automatically linked with a wide network of entities, active in the field of environmental protection. Among other, the members of INTERMEPA can benefit from the following:

  • Projection to the wider society of the voluntary commitment of a wide range of national and international memberships;
  • Ability to address publicly issues of common interest;
  • Confidential access to maritime incidents data banks for training purposes;
  • Participation in training programs;
  • Regular updates on new legal requirements;
  • Presentation of joint proposals at various forums;
  • Exchange of experiences and suggestions;
  • Exchange between MEPAs of motivational material;
  • Jointly designed public awareness campaigns;
  • Further contribution to the 26-year long efforts of HELMEPA, already respected internationally, towards the protection of the environment world wide; and above all
  • A wide recognition for being proactive in the general effort to pass on to the future generations the environment they deserve.